I'm a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified by the American Council on Exercise. I’m also a natural bodybuilder, a sponsored bikini athlete, a former attorney and mother to two of the most amazing people in this world.

I have been on this journey to heal my mind and body through exercise and nutrition for seven years and it has transformed every aspect of my life.


During the past seven years, I have discovered that pretty much everything I thought I knew about exercise and nutrition was wrong.

  • It is absolutely possible to stay fit, healthy and lean without dumb diets, cleanses, pills and hours of cardio.

  • Exercise is actually enjoyable once you change your mindset and get in sync with your body. 

  • Age is just a number. You control your body at every age, not the other way around. (Did I mention I’m 42?)

Whether you are new to fitness, coming back from an exercise hiatus or looking to take your fitness to the next level, I am here to help you. I offer customized exercise programs and nutrition coaching for all fitness levels and I'd love to help you learn how to transform your body and mind through exercise and healthy nutrition.

Let me help you FIND YOUR STRONG.



As a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. In addition to weight loss and weight maintenance, I also help with improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance, building strength and correcting postural deviations. I also work with clients with eating disorders and help them build a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

All my programs are customized for your specific health and fitness goals, as well as your current fitness level and lifestyle. My mission is to help you adopt and more importantly MAINTAIN a fit and healthy lifestyle - So if you are looking for quick fixes to lose weight which will inevitably lead to more weight gain long term and also have a negative effect on your health, I am not the fitness and nutrition coach for you. 

You will find that my idea of nutrition coaching is not e-mailing you weekly cookie cutter meal plans, but instead taking you through this process leaving you educated, clear and prepped for a healthy and realistic diet. I am a firm believer in Flexible Dieting, which means YOU get to choose what to eat instead of following a meal plan. Over the years I have found that diets and meal plans are bound to fail, because:


1. It's a mental challenge. No human being has the willpower to follow a low-carb, low-calorie or no-sugar diet or meal plan for the rest of their lives.

2. When you start depriving yourself of certain foods or food groups and categorizing food as "good" or "bad", your brain becomes overly responsive to food and everything starts to look more tempting.

3. Even if you have all the willpower in the world, it is not realistically possible to stick to a diet or meal plan in the long run. Social life, travel, work, etc. will sooner or later get in the way.

4. Cutting off certain foods/food groups or under-eating may result in weight loss in the short run, but once you reintroduce these foods/food groups into your diet and increase your calories (which at some point you will have to), you end up regaining the weight, and quite possibly even more.


Flexible dieting requires no willpower. It is not a diet -- It is a nutritional approach that you can follow for the rest of your life, with the comfort of knowing you can eat everything you want. You don't have to be that person who brings chicken in Tupperware to family dinners or nibbles on a salad instead of having cake at a birthday party. There are no "cheat meals" in flexible dieting, because you are free to have your favorite foods every day. Most of my clients have pasta, burgers, sushi, tacos and ice cream on a regular basis and we still reach those weight and fat loss goals. No foods are off-limits and everything can be enjoyed as long as it's enjoyed in moderation.

While flexible dieting gives you the freedom to choose what to eat, it is of course important to be mindful of the nutritional value (or lack thereof) of foods. I offer daily nutrition coaching as part of all my nutrition programs, which includes giving you tips on identifying "every day foods" and "sometimes foods", reading food labels and sharing simple recipes to add more variety to your diet. (I use the word "diet" to describe the type of foods you tend to eat on a regular basis, and not in the traditional sense of the word. Again, flexible dieting is not a "diet" in the traditional sense.) Upon request, I also offer a grocery store tour as well as a home pantry overhaul. 

All my personal training and nutrition coaching programs come with a monthly complimentary InBody body composition assessment.

In addition to my existing workout and nutrition programs, I am happy to design a different program for you based on your lifestyle and fitness goals.